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The future way to find staff, fast.

All preparatory work is done, so you can instantly find pre-qualified resources.



The benefits of working with Flexio

Unique Recruitment Channel

Through Flexio, you will connect with thousands of pre-qualified candidates who have already gone through an interview process. Together, we build a long-term talent recruitment channel for your company.

Agile Digital Platform

Via our platform, access to pre-qualified candidates is just a few clicks away.

Comprehensive Partner

We not only offer the opportunity to connect with candidates, but also a comprehensive solution within staffing. This includes, among other things, a digital platform for recruitment processes, staffing, and onboarding.

Recruit staff or hire staff? All conceivable preparations are ready! Book an interview with pre-qualified candidates today. | We offer fast recruitment and staffing.| Flexio - Recruitment and Staffing in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, and Jönköping.

The staff partner with digital superpowers

Flexio offers an ideal solution for your flexible staffing. Through a combination of personal support and effective digital tools, together we create the best opportunity to staff easily and profitably.


Get Access to Verified Flexible Staff


Transport and logistics


Customer service and sales




Hotel and restaurant


Building and construction


Industry and production

Our goal is to give you as an operations manager access to all the tools that facilitate your daily work with staffing.

Find Competence with Smart technology

We are specialists in recruitment and staffing within many different sectors.Through our digital platform, pre-qualified personnel pools and tech-spirit, we help our customers optimize their operations through digitized processes.

We work daily to help our customers become more accurate, more efficient and more flexible in their recruitment and staffing processes.

Get Started

Book a meeting and see why companies trust us as a partner for its growth.
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